J. "Al" Alberius
Firearms Instructor - NRA Training Counselor - USA Shooting - Coach
Quality Firearms Training
Al Alberius is a seasoned veteran Arkansas Concealed Handgun Instructor who has been actively instrumental in developing the concealed handgun program in Arkansas.  He has been an Arkansas Certified Concealed Handgun Instructor since 1995 and still teaches others who want to become certified instructors in the state.
For thirty years, Al has been an energetic teacher of the shooting skills and students with all levels of experience profit from his experience. Much of his recent training efforts have aided:

  • Civilian Concealed Handgun Students in the state of Arkansas
  • Instructors who want to upgrade their certifications to meet National Rifle Association standards.
  • Junior members of the U.S. Olympic Shooting Team
  • 4-H, Boy Scout and other youth organizations who have instructors who teach firearms safety and the shooting Sports
Contact Al at:
J. "Al" Alberius
15424 Hartford St.
Little Rock, AR 72223

Phone: 501-217-0217

E-Mail: jalberius@sbcglobal.net

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